Hit zones skins "Red star"

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Hit zones skins "Red star" for World of tanks 0.7.5 !

New tanks: Dr.Max,SuperPershing,AMX 50 Foch 155,E50 Ausf.M,AMX AC Mle.1946,T110E4,T110E3,ARL 44,JagdPz E-100,M48A1,Объект 268,T-62A, T110, M103, Т28 Prototype, M24 Chaffee; AMX AC Mle1948; F37 AMX50 Foch; H39; VK2801; T-50-2.

Changed tanks: almost all.


New tanks: KV-3, KV-1S, KV, Т-43, Т34-85, KV-13, Т-34, SU-152, SU-100, SU-85, Panther, JagdPanter, T20 и Т25 АТ

4 types of compression (100% quality, 50%, 25% and ZOOM pack)!

List of tanks:

  • USSR: IS-7, IS-4, IS-3, IS, KV-5, KV-3, KV-1S, KV, Т-54, Т-44, Т-43, Т-34-85, KV-13, Т-34, Object 704, ISU-152, SU-152, SU-100, SU-85. + new tanks 0.7.4.
  • Germany: Мaus, Е-100 Е-75, VK 4502(P), Tiger II, VK 4502(A), Lowe, Tiger, Tiger P, Е-50, Panther II, Panther, VK3002(DB), VK3001(H), VK3601(H), VK3001(Р), Pz III/IV, Pz IV, JagdTiger, Ferdinand, JagdPanther, JagdPz IV, StuG III, VK2801, H39 .
  • USA: T110, M103, Т34, T32, M6A2E1, Т29, М46 Patton, М26 Pershing, T20, Т30, Т95, Т28 Prototype, Т28, T25 AT, M24 Chaffee.
  • France: AMX M4 (1945), AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50 B, Lorraine 40t, Bat-Chatillon 25t, AMX50 Foch, AMX AC Mle1948.
  • China: Type 59.

Note: Tiger II, JagdTiger marked top and before top weapons. Top weapon of Т32 marked with one line.


  • Red - easy to hit zones.
  • Violet - ammo rack.
  • Green - engine.
  • Blue - fuel tank.

Install: Copy files to World of tanks folder. Dont forget copy original files!

Скачать файл - Download - hit zones 100% for WoT 0.7.5.

Скачать файл - Download - 100% quality + ZOOM marked area on skins with a zoom effect appear on the tank when approaching him at distance of less than 200 meters).

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